“To me, she is the best trainer who has changed my looks and strengthens my mind.
I would love everyone to experience what I experienced with Tomomi through her speech.” ~ Testimonial of Reina S.

“Let’s determine our own beauty and worth. Don’t let people or society decide them!”

– Tomomi Tsuchio

Tomomi has passions at 

  • Running her own gym 1stop-fitness with her partner, Larry, and be there to touch people’s lives
  • Learning and doing her best to grow as a person, a speaker and a trainer 
  • Educating people and sharing her knowledge as a certified trainer so they can exercise correctly and safely
  • Speaking to people about there are different types of beauty and it is not only looks
  • Trying to understand and connect people to their pain, struggles, and point of view  

Tomomi is trying to be better at 

  • Math 
  • Paying attention more when she is cooking so she wouldn’t hurt herself
  • Remembering her anniversary with Larry
  • Pronouncing complicated English words
  • Reading in Japanese so she won’t forget how to write Kanji

In 2006, when Tomomi Tsuchio became a certified personal trainer, she realized that many women are struggling to find and accept their beauty as she suffered. She often felt helpless when her clients lost weight and transformed themselves, but they still didn’t see their beauty. It seemed that it was not good enough for them no matter what. That’s the time that she started wanting to be a public speaker.

Kintai Bridge in her hometown

She grew up in Iwakuni, Japan. Her parents are very loving and very supportive of anything that she wants to try. She has an older brother who is very smart and good at sports, so growing up as a younger sister was cool. She knew and accepted the fact that he was much smarter than her, even her parents never compared them. One of the teachers from junior high school asked her, “Are you Atsushi Tsuchio’s sister? Your brother was very smart, but ……..not you.” Her mom says that she came home and told her about it laughing. Obviously, that didn’t really hurt her. It was because she knew and accepted that and also she has been always having the skill to see good in bad situations. She was a happy kid. However, she had a really really hard time to see and accept her own beauty. It started when she was 13 years old. She felt fat and ugly because she doesn’t look like people on TV, magazines or advertisements everywhere. There is a certain looks for the Japanese beauty standards. Her looks didn’t fit in them. She suffered with body-image, self-love, self-worth, self-acceptance and building confidence for a long time. But she overcame them and now she loves being herself.

This is the reason why she started having a passion to speak, but she felt she wasn’t qualified. So, in 2008 she decided to enter a Bachelor’s degree at California University of Pennsylvania and took Sports management(Wellness and Fitness) thinking that it would help her someday. She graduated, but she wasn’t ready to expose her past yet. It was still fresh, embarrassing and painful.

In 2010, she became an independent trainer and started operating her own business. That lead to opening 1Stop-Fitness with Larry in 2013. Running the gym was very stressful and hard, but she got to learn a lot about herself, life, people and business. That experience gave her the courage to speak about her past. She wrote short version of her life story and published it through a publisher in Japan. She published Me and The Japanese Beauty Standards in English. She is speaking about her past and life experiences to share and motivate people, especially teenagers and women.

Tomomi strongly wonders if TV, magazines, and advertisements know what kind of messages are actually sent out. She feels that their unintentional messages are giving people pressure to be a certain way to fit the standards.

She certainly believes that beauty is not all about looks.

She is a funny and outgoing person with a smile, but she is a very tough individual. Her speech has love, passion, caring, kindness, understanding, strength, and connection which makes you believe that you can do it if she can!

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