-My definition of beauty-

  • The concept of placing so much importance on physical appearance needs to be stopped.

-Body image-

  • Society’s expectations vs. reality
  • Goal weight = Happiness?

-Pregnancy and Postpartum-

  • “Why I have never heard about this?”

-Wellness and Health-

  • How to prevent lower back pain and other chorionic pain
  • The importance of healthy habits

My definition of beauty:

The concept of placing so much importance on physical appearance needs to be stopped

When I was around 28, I fell at work. I was showing an exercise to my client, and I thought my foot was on the ground, but it wasn’t. Yes, strange. I was carried to a hospital by ambulance. Thankfully, I wasn’t injured badly at all. That incident made me think life events and beautiful aging can change that looks.

Key points:

  • We need to stop promoting the idea that your physical appearance is the only type of beauty that matters
  • Focus on inner beauty more than external beauty

Body image:

Society’s expectations vs. reality

When Tomomi was 13 years old, she started feeling that she was ugly and fat because she did not look like the people on TV, magazines, and advertisements everywhere. She felt that the messages coming from them were, “This is beautiful. If you don’t fit in, you are not.” She tried to fit into those standards and did things to fit in even if it would hurt herself.

What is a beauty? Should we have beauty standards? What if we were more attuned to all kinds of beauty presented everywhere, in other people and in ourselves, would she still have the same struggle? Would we?

When Tomomi became a trainer, she worked hard to improve her own fitness level. As her body changed, she became more confident about her looks. She had a new sense of value. But she started wondering what would happen if she couldn’t work out due to an injury or something. Would she still have that feeling of value about herself? Her answer was no.

Key points:

  • Looks aren’t the only thing beautiful
  • Being who you are is already enough and beautiful
  • There is no need to fit into any beauty standards

Goal weight = Happiness?

Tomomi wanted to be 103 lb so bad during her twenties because she believed that if she could be at that weight, she would have the confidence that she needed to feel beautiful about herself.

Even when she got to her goal weight, she did not feel beautiful enough. She didn’t know her own value, so reaching that weight didn’t bring her the confidence she thought it would.

Key points:

  • Our weight does not define our beauty or value
  • We all have the perfect body weight that matches our own body
  • Is your goal weight healthy for you?

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