“When I first heard Tomomi speak about the impractical beauty standards and pressures that young women face in Japan, I was heartbroken for her and for all of the other women who encountered that stress growing up. But as Tomomi spoke more of her journey and how she overcame those struggles, I soon became inspired by her obvious growth, tremendous courage, and empowering strength. While many women, unfortunately, still feel the intense pressure of generally unrealistic beauty standards, Tomomi encourages everyone, especially women, to find their beauty from within, to accept themselves for who they are, and to not look outside of themselves for acceptance. She teaches us to focus on our strengths, both mental and physical, while always encouraging and promoting body positivity. Tomomi is a beautiful person and a ray of light to anyone who meets her. I believe that her knowledge, experiences, and beliefs have the power to positively transform people all over the world!” ~ Stephanie A.

“Tomomi is a fantastic public speaker who engages her entire audience of mixed generations. She shared raw emotion with an entire room filled with women and spoke of pain and, most importantly, perseverance. I left her event feeling encouraged to continue her vision – change the way we see beauty. She is truly one in a million.” ~ Brittney R.

“Tomomi is a trainer who knows how to find the beauty which people already naturally have in them and how to polish it. Also, she tells me that beauty doesn’t have to fit in someone else’s views.
I found three new things after meeting her.
The first one is that I am beautiful as I am. Second, exercise is truly fun. The last one is that when a person has confidence, the individual’s world would change.
I went to different gyms and got opportunities to talk to trainers, but I didn’t meet anyone like Tomomi. To me, she is the best trainer who has changed my looks and strengthened my mind.
I would love everyone to experience what I experienced with Tomomi through her speech.” ~ Reina S.

Tomomi is such an amazing person. Not only does she have the knowledge as a fitness trainer, but she understands her clients on a personal level and truly cares about their success in reaching their goals.  Tomomi helps her clients, not just with weight loss, but with creating lifestyle changes for long-term success. Through her motivational speaking and her Japanese background, she brings a unique perspective that can help all women understand that we are all beautiful in our own way and we need to love ourselves the way we are–not unrealistically compare ourselves to women in magazines and on television. I quickly realized that being healthy means a lot more than a number on the scale.  It is important be healthy inside and out, both mentally and physically. I learned not to be so hard on myself.  I am a happier person, and I am motivated to keep working on my goals. I would not want to go through this journey with anyone else.  Tomomi brings a special light and positive spirit to everyone around her.  I absolutely love T! ~ Lisa P.

“None compare. I’ve met good, nice people who are trainers, but I haven’t met anyone who is as educated, detailed, and progressive. No one matches her expertise and enthusiasm for overall health and well-being. Most of those whom I’ve met have one or more of those attributes, but not all. None is like Tomomi, she is truly exceptional!” ~ Steph W.

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