Happy Saturday to you all. 

This is my first blog in English! 

A couple of months ago, I felt strongly about the importance of having and accepting the negative feelings. Last few years I have felt that it became a trend to think positively and have a positive mind. I completely agree with the importance of positive thinking and having positive energy. I try to live with them everyday, but I sometime have moments or a day that I have a hard time to feel positive because I am tired. I used to push through those days and tried to think positive and ignore my negative feelings……. IT WAS TOO MUCH. I didn’t like that I was not being honest with myself and I felt it was unhealthy. 

If I didn’t feel good at the moment or the day, I decided to be honest with myself. I just let myself be. Of course, at work  I would not show that, but at home, in my car, I was just being honest with my feelings. I felt that was healthier.

I was speaking to my friend in Japan on line last month and I brought this topic up. She completely agreed with me and we spoke about the importance of having the balance of positive and negative, instead of trying to be only positive.

If we don’t know the negative feelings, we CAN NOT appreciate the positive one. So we felt it was ok to have a day or two to feel low and come back positive the next day. We also talked about that it is healthy to be honest with our feelings.

We all try to be better everyday and live positively. 

But it is ok to be sad or down sometimes and take a break from trying. Sometimes, I have an hour to be sad and lazy. And I refresh myself. Sometimes it might be longer. The key is to not continue having those same feelings and change the channel. Instead of trying to be positive all the time, this skill might be healthier to have??

The negative feelings aren’t bad. It is good to have because it is proof that we have feelings!



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