Focus on success or growth(process)?

Hello everyone,

I hope you are having a great day.

I have been working on my book to get published and it has been an interesting journey.

First, I had to translate from Japanese to English with help by my lovely sister, Ghieg. That was not hard at all, it was fun!! After that, I hired two editors and then Ghieg and I went over each of the editors jobs to create the best version of my book.

Second, I hired Corey who formats a book for eBook and paper book. This was an easy process, but I kept finding things that I felt I needed to rewrite…… Larry suggested me to stop reading because I was driving myself crazy! He was right!!!

Corey was also a proofreader so I asked him to do so. I cared about my book a lot because it is my story so I wanted it to be perfect, but I was putting myself so much pressure…..

Also I hired my wonderful friend, Eiko to design a book cover. Oh, my!! She did wonderful job!!!

It has been fun and stressful for sure, but more stressful…… Today I was running on a treadmill and I had a AHA moment. I remember the quote by Keisuke Honda, Japanese soccer player. “Focus on your growth, Don’t focus on your success.” – He said that growth stays with you forever, but success can be taken away at any moment. It is so true.

I always try to focus on the growth, because it creates who I am and there are so many great lessons on the process of success. I feel that if I get caught by success only, I would lose who I am…..or I wouldn’t feel the satisfaction of achievement.

I reminded myself why I wanted to write and translate my book and refocused on my recent journey…. For sure, my English writing got better and I am proving to myself that I can do anything even though I have an accent! When I felt that my stress went away, I felt a joy for doing this book thing.

I focus on growth so I can enjoy my success!!


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